DeKstasy FAQ


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. We haven't had many questions yet, so it's a pretty short list. Please feel free to send in any and all questions to

Why won't DeKstasy allow me to import my MP3/AIFF/WAVE file?
Currently DeKstasy only accepts stereo audio files. If DeKstasy is not accepting a stereo audio file in MP3, AIFF, or WAVE format, please send us an email describing the problem.

How well does DeKstasy run on a G3 mac?
DeKstasy does much better on a G4, but if you've got a G3, DeKstasy's performance depends on your processor speed. 333 MHz is the practical minimum. With two tracks playing, your system will be slow but usable. It should be able to play four tracks but the user interface and any other applications will become unbearably sluggish. As your G3 processor speed increases, performance will naturally increase. In general, whether you've got a G3 or G4, you can improve DeKstasy's responsiveness by turning off MIDI functionality in the Preferences window (verson 1.0.1 and up), and then restarting DeKstasy.

The program says it will expire but I thought that it was free. Was I mistaken or is there another reason for the expiration date?
The expiration date is to motivate people to upgrade their versions of DeKstasy, thereby forcing older, buggier versions out of circulation. We have no intention of trying to charge anything for DeKstasy. Maybe someday there will be "DeKstasy Pro", but in any case there will always be a free version.

What's a good sound card to get?
Being on a relatively tight budget here at Sonophile HQ, we don't have too many sound cards lying around. We've had a MOTU 828 (8 ins, 8 outs, s/pdif, optical, firewire) for over a year now, and it works pretty darn well. Of course, it's a little pricey ($800 US), requires external power, and is kind of heavy and bulky -- too big to fit in a record or laptop case. There are several USB cards that are cheaper and more portable, but since we haven't actually used any, we can't recommend anything. We do know, from user reports, that DeKstasy has problems recognizing more than 2 outputs on the Emagic EMI 2|6, and completely fails to recognize the Roland UA-30 USB card. If we get a hold of these cards, we can fix the problem. And we will post any user reports received here, so if your card works with DeKstasy, or if it doesn't, and it's not listed here, let us know.
4/10/03: EMI 2|6 Update Jamie Allen reports the following: "If you use the Audio MIDI setup program that comes with OS X 10.2.4, you can get Dekstasy to recognise an EMI 2|6 nice and easy. I do it regularly."