DeKstasy Version History

DeKstasy 1.0.0 was released on December 5, 2002. From time to time we release new minor versions with bug fixes (e.g. 1.0.1 vs. 1.0.0). If there are any features that you would like to see included in future versions, check the list of features up for consideration at the bottom of this page, and if you don't see your idea there, post it here.

Version Released      Comments
1.0.0 12/5/02
  • First release
1.0.1 12/15/02
  • Added Preferences window with option to avoid starting MIDI Server, making DeKstasy run faster.
  • Fixed problem in Correct BPM window that caused wierd skips in the audio.
  • Fixed bug where filename of imported item becomes screwed up after resampling.
  • Now handles audio devices properly when they don't report active status.
1.0.2 12/18/02
  • Fixed major bug that caused occasional static noise in output when multiple audio devices were used.
  • Corrected several miscellaneous looping errors.
  • Song time progress bar now displays correctly.
  • Rewinding or dragging back to the beginning of a song from after the end of the song now works properly.
1.0.3 12/20/02
  • Corrected problem that appeared after upgrading to Mac OS 10.2.3 where DeKstasy didn't find any audio devices. (Changes to CoreAudio in the 10.2.3 upgrade disagree with current CoreAudio documentation.)
1.0.4 12/29/02
  • Songs are now properly cued at the needle position.
  • Tapping the apostrophe key to correct beat synchronization now works properly.
  • "Program file damaged" alerts on startup are now fixed.
  • Audio "hiccups" when dragging the needle from before a song to within the song have been fixed.
1.0.5 1/12/03
  • "Missing" songs are found (set to "Ready" status) much faster at startup time.
  • Removed "spending" question in survey.
  • Needle no longer skips a beat when exiting loop mode in Correct BPM window.
  • Fixed "NaN BPM" bug in Correct BPM window.
1.1.0 2/10/03
  • Added "Record" item in Import Pane action menu, providing for recording of audio directly into DeKstasy.
  • Reads ID3v2 tags now -- tested on v2.2, but should handle 2.3 also.
  • Can now change location of Audio Files folder in Preferences window.
  • Changed menu shortcuts: now Cmd-E is quick-cue, and Cmd-Shift-D is pick/unpick.
  • Now always confirms save of current crate on exit.
  • Solved mysterious "Program File Damaged" alerts.
  • DeKstasy now handles changes to the audio setup more gracefully -- should reduce number of "Audio channel couldn't be initialized" alerts.
  • Tracks no longer jump off the screen when dragged to a new deck in the Decks Pane.
  • Imported tracks that have been added to the songs library are now automatically put in the current crate to make them easier to find.
  • Fixed bugs in scrolling when picking/unpicking tracks.
  • Removed extraneous check marks in Songs Pane status field.
  • "Next track start" field now displays correct value even after running for many hours.
  • Progress bars for imported folders now work correctly.
  • Corrected bug that resulted in strange BPMs when using the apostrophe key after tapping out a beat.
  • Fixed bug in Correct BPM window; now pressing play to exit loop mode keeps overview cued properly.
1.1.1 2/24/03
  • Fixed a bug that could cause DeKstasy to crash if OS 10.2.4 is installed.
1.1.2 3/5/03
  • DeKstasy now runs properly on Macs with no audio input device.
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow importing of files directly off an external drive.
1.1.3 3/8/03
  • Repaired a bug that could cause DeKstasy to crash after using the Correct BPM window.
1.2.0 4/1/03
  • Added Mixer Pane.
1.2.1 4/20/03
  • Added support for VBR MP3's. Note that DeKstasy still doesn't encode in VBR.
  • Restored icon column to Import Pane data browser.
  • Vertical scroll bars now work properly in Album Info window.
  • Beatless songs now sort at 0 BPM instead of 130.
1.2.2 4/22/03
  • Separate download of sample songs.
1.2.3 4/22/03
  • Restores proper functioning of CD info lookup.
  • History of recent crates displayed in Crates menu.
  • Left and right arrow keys skip ahead and back during preview.
1.2.4 8/19/03
  • Changes expiration date to 3/1/04
1.2.5 9/21/03
  • Added "Performance Mode".
  • Can now preview selected track with command-T.
  • Fixed a bug causing sound glitch while dragging a track to the right of its start point.
1.2.6 10/4/03
  • Replaced progress bars on each deck with "Deck Options" popup menus, allowing for doubled or halved play rate, or for forcing beatless mode on a per-deck basis.
  • Corrected a rare bug that could cause DeKstasy to crash while dragging songs within decks.
  • Beatless tracks no longer change position in the deck when the system BPM changes.
  • "Hold BPM" menu option can now be used to halt a "gradual adjust" of the BPM.
1.2.7 10/5/03
  • Corrects a stupid mistake in 1.2.6 which caused DeKstasy to crash in the Correct BPM window.
1.2.8 10/9/03
  • Modified to work with changes to Core Audio introduced in OS 10.2.8 (G5).
  • Properly handles MP3's with very long ID3 headers.
1.3.0 11/24/03
  • Added AAC support using QuickTime.
  • VBR MP3 encoding now available.
  • Fixed a few bugs causing bizarre menu and window behavior on Panther.
  • Simplified the encoding options area.
1.3.1 12/27/03
  • Replaced FSSpecs with Aliases in song library, greatly improving portability of audio files.
  • Changed "Delete missing songs" menu option to "Missing songs..." dialog, giving user a way to connect songs with their missing audio files.
1.3.2 3/27/04
  • Added "Record Mix" window.
  • Fixed a memory management error in the "Fix BPM" window.
  • "AIFF" is no longer displayed as the file format for WAV's.
  • Fixed small bug in "Fix BPM" window preventing looping near end of track.
1.3.3 5/1/04
  • Fixed a bug that allowed user to Preview a track that was already cued in a deck, crashing the application.
  • Restored ability to delete audio at start or end of track, lost in version 1.3.0.
  • Rewinded tracks now actually start playing from the beginning.
1.3.5 3/12/05
  • First open-source release
  • Changed license files, added license menu item
  • Changed about screen
  • Removed survey screen


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