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Spanish site -- thanks to Alexis Munoz

DeKstasy is a DJ application for Mac OS X. It provides automatic beat-finding and seamless beat-locked playback of up to four tracks simultaneously, contains a built-in mixer, and is so rock-solid you won't believe it's free software. Click here to find out more.



4/21/05 DeKstasy is dead
I have stopped developing or supporting DeKstasy. Now it's up to someone else to pick up the (tar) ball and run with it. As noted below, full GPL'd source code is available on SourceForge. I'll still answer emails for desperate situations -- e.g., "I've got my entire record collection on DeKstasy and now it crashes on startup!", but otherwise I don't have the time to answer support emails.
3/12/05 DeKstasy Source Released
DeKstasy has been released under the GPL. The source code is available from our SourceForge project page.
5/1/04 Some bugs fixed in 1.3.3
The bugs were generally minor, but there was a major "Preview" bug that could crash the application.
3/27/04 1.3.2 now available
Adds a "Record Mix" window, and fixes a few minor bugs.
12/27/03 1.3.1 is here!
Solves some "missing file" problems that owners of firewire drives may have encountered.
11/26/03 1.3 Bug Fix
Well, there were bound to be a few a bugs with so many changes. If you're experiencing problems after upgrading to 1.3 where DeKstasy quits on launch, type the following command into the terminal:
rm ~/Library/Preferences/DeKstasy/dekstasy.state
11/24/03 AAC -- An Awesome Codec
DeKstasy now has full AAC support. Version 1.3.0 can play ".m4a" files or encode to m4a, just like iTunes. This version fixes some incompatibilities with Panther, as well, so if you've upgraded, you'll need to download this new version of DeKstasy.
10/23/03 Spanish site
Thanks to Alexis Munoz, we now have a Spanish version of our website. Alexis put in months of backbreaking labor to translate our horrendously long documentation page into Spanish. You can check it out here.
10/9/03 1.2.8
Corrects an incompatibility with OS 10.2.8 (G5), and can now import MP3's with long headers.
10/5/03 Whoops -- 1.2.7
Corrects a stupid mistake in 1.2.6.
10/4/03 V. 1.2.6
This version adds a "play mode" pop-up for each deck, allowing you to play tracks at twice or half the normal rate, or turn off beat-matching for a given deck (among other things). Also fixes a few bugs, one of them serious.
1/11/03 Translation help needed!
We've got a lot of international users and thought it would be nice to have local translations of our website and documentation. If anyone is interested in offering some translation help, please contact us.